Thursday, June 22, 2006

About the Car

To answer the question as to the car I bought:

It's a Chevrolet Aveo, aka DaeWoo Kalos, aka Holden Barina, aka Suzuki Swift+, aka Pontiac Wave. Red 5-door hatchback. describes the car's heritage this way:

It began life as a Daewoo product but when GM bought the company the Swift+/Aveo was updated mechanically by Suzuki, given a style refresher by Italy's Giugiaro/ItalDesign, had its development overseen by General Motors engineers in Detroit. A global product if there ever was one!

It's a weird little car. Looks like a compact from a distance, but it's built tall, so when I'm driving it, it feels like I'm driving my mom's van. Base model, not even power windows on it, but it's new, it doesn't leak in the rain, and it gets 30-ish miles to the gallon. I still have the Batmobile, only now I can get it fixed up nicely without worrying how I'm going to get to work to afford the repairs. All in all, I'm pretty happy with. Pics later, maybe, on a day when it's not raining.

I'm playing with TiddlyWiki, having fun, seeing all sorts of possibilities for this simple little tool. I've been wanting a place to collect and analyze all the interconnected threads of Lost. This could do that, maybe. I've been wanting to write an interactive HTML manual for my guys at work; drill down quickly to find exactly the bit you need to know at the moment you need it. This is an incredibly easy way to do that. Writing the Wiki for DiggerWorld is fun, although it strikes me that if I intend to put one of these on-line, I'll actually need to do two: one for my own use, and a non-spoilerish one for other folks to peruse.

But wow, it's easy to learn and fast to use, and the resulting document is flexible and compact, yet complex. I get the feeling that there are huge possibilities here.

Now I just need to get some illustrations done. I have a vision for a T-shirt illustration, but haven't gotten beyond the daydream stage yet. I can draw okay, but I'm out of practice and haven't had the time to devote to it, lately.

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