Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Thumb Twiddling

Trying to enforce some distance between myself and the manuscript. I've been reading lots of blogs by editors and agents (too lazy to post the links here unless someone asks), rereading notes on screenplay structure (which I use in novel writing as well), analyzing my book's structure on a purely mathematical level, and not much else. I've been thinking about reading something new, but I can't decide what. I'm considering "His Majesty's Dragon" by Naomi Novik, or maybe "Kung Fu High School," or "Fight Club," or maybe go totally retro with "Childhood's End," which I've still never read.

In the meantime, I'm just sort of twiddling my thumbs, Googling to see if anyone has posted reactions to Baen's Universe yet (and especially my story, of course), feeling increasing urgency to get the book out the door and in an editor's hands while feeling my enthusiasm for actually working on the book diminish, and basically just waiting, like the kid in the trike in "The Incredibles," for "something amazing, I guess..."

Any questions? Any suggestions?

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