Thursday, June 08, 2006

Conestoga Schedule

I got my schedule for Conestoga. They loaded me up on Saturday: three panels and a reading. And they've got me on a panel called Year in Movies, which, what kind of idiot was I to volunteer for that? I never go to movies anymore. Now I need to go see some movies. So anyway, if anyone's interested, here's the schedule:

Friday 4 p.m.: Year in Movies

Saturday 9 a.m.: New Writer's Panel
Saturday 11 a.m.: Anime: Best & Worst (guess I need to watch some anime, too)
Saturday 2 p.m.: Baen's Universe
Saturday 4 p.m.: Action Adventure Sampler (reading)

Sunday 11 a.m. : Signing

I have no idea why they have me set up with a signing. I have nothing to sign, other than Blue Falcon. I guess I'll bring the few copies I have left and see if anyone wants one. And I need to figure out what to read. It's an action-adventure panel, so I guess "Frame By Frame" is out of the question. IIRC, it's a 15-minutelimit, so I'm not sure whether to read something really short, like "Out of His League," or read a fragment of something longer, like "Astromonkeys" or my current WoTF entry.

Of course, it's still almost two months away, so I have plenty of time to figure it out. And watch movies. And watch anime...

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mtreiten said...

How do you sign an electronic copy of a story? PDF stamp? Seriously. Have them bring a thumb drive? The back side of CDROM disc?