Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Shirt

So I got super-inspired over the weekend and, after looking around on-line to find out what it would cost to commission a real comics artist to do a piece for me, decided to buckle down and do it myself. This was really a pain-in-the-ass to do, because I don't have Photoshop, only PhotoDeluxe, which came free with my printer several years ago. It is to Photoshop what MS Works is to MS Word: a sad, pale copy of the real program, dumbed-down for non-artists like myself. Then again, it's an incredibly feature-rich masterpiece compared to the image-processing software that came with my new computer and printer. If I decide to do more of this kind of stuff, however, Photoshop would definitely be worth the investment.

That said, I am really quite pleased with the way it turned out, although I may need to tweak a couple of things. The concept of the T-shirt is that on one side, it says, "...and there, sitting on the roof, holding my burger, is this big, green monkey."
with maybe an "Astromonkeys!" logo or something. And on the other side is this:

So what do you think? I could get these done easily by Cafepress, only their prices are a little high (understandable considering that they're essentially a clothing POD). I might be able to get them made more cheaply locally, if I buy in bulk, but then I have to find a place to store them, and really, how many people are going to want one of these? I think I need to add something on the right to balance the composition, maybe another background figure or something. I'm also not sure if I want the photo background or if I want to go with something more abstract, like an irregular splash of background color. But at least the hardest part is done. If I do go with the photo background, I should probably add in some shadows under the figures, I guess.

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