Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Big Audio Wednesday - Evening Primrose

It might seem a little soon to do another Escape, but I'm going ahead and doing it for two reasons.

Number one, Escape was one of the best radio dramas. From the ominous opening brass and full orchestra (no simple organ here), to the scripts adapting some of the most popular stories of its day, to the generally high level of voice acting (including William Conrad and Paul Frees on announcing duties), Escape was a class production from beginning to end.

I chose to present this episode, "Evening Primrose," an adaptation of the John Collier short story which has also been adapted into a Stephen Sondheim musical, because it's not only suspenseful, but also a clever satire with some laugh-out-loud lines buried in the script. It's not a comedy, but a suspense story with its tongue planted firmly in cheek.

So enjoy "Evening Primrose," the November 5, 1947 episode of Escape.

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