Thursday, December 17, 2009

Painful Revisions

So when I thought my internet had been cut off the other day, I tried doing more revisions to Death Wave. However, it went very slowly, because of the split skin on my dry fingers, making typing verrah painful. I moisturized a bit, enough to make typing marginally less painful, and did my blog post, but didn't do any more on the book. The fingertips still hurt a little today, but I was lucky not to work last night, so they've had a little while to recover. Tonight, however, the pain resumes.

Job interview tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

As I've mentioned before, my interest in steampunk has revived a bit since starting a new RPG campaign. In fact, I recently started reading The Difference Engine by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling again.

But looking at steampunk stuff on-line, I find that my interests actually lie more along the lines of dieselpunk (warning: there's an autoplaying jukebox at the link), given my interest in pulps and big band swing and old radio and the 30's and 40's in general. In fact, you could even say Death Wave is a mildly dieselpunk book, given its 30's setting and alternate history/pulp adventure overtones. I really need to finish that thing and get it out the door, which means I need to hunt through the stacks of mess that still cover my furniture (I've been meaning to clean up for a while, but the extreme cold has made me loath to do anything but sit in front of a space heater, much like the heat of summer made me loath to do anything as well).

All of which is just an excuse to post this. "Love With a Capital 'You,'" by the Glenn Miller Orchestra, a song I heard years ago and really liked, but could never find again. Until now.

Enjoy (I couldn't get the embed code to work, so you'll just have to follow the link).

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