Sunday, December 06, 2009

Yes, Again, And No, I'm Not Sorry

Yes, that's right, I missed another Out of the Vault update. But I was gone all day Saturday working, then watching my daughter's team get slaughtered at basketball (it was their first game ever, and they hadn't actually learned the part about, "play to beat the other team"--the score was 38 to 1 when the scorekeepers just stopped counting, and by the end, the refs weren't calling penalties on our girls, like, at all, the coaches on the other team were yelling for their girls to back off a little (they didn't), and we were just shaking our heads and laughing at our daughter's complete lack of competitive spirit), and then getting the bed to my house and getting it set up.

That's right, I don't care about missing the update because last night, I slept in a bed. And it was good.

Kind of sad in terms of how low your expectations of life have gotten that sleeping in a bed merits mention, but not as sad as the time I experienced bliss in the cloud of steam from my own piss (I was on the grenade range on a miserably cold January day, and that moment of unexpected warmth was the next thing to heaven).

I slept well and warmly on my new Jersey cotton sheets. It's like sleeping on a big, soft T-shirt. I got red sheets to go with my blue blankets. My bed looks like Superman.

I'm such a geek.

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