Friday, December 25, 2009


Managed to dig my car out of the snow and make it to my wife's house for Christmas morning (it was still technically morning by the time I got there, although just barely). A nice time. I ended up not shaving, but I did dress up. We opened presents and ate brunch, and then my mother-in-law cleaned up the edges of the haircut I gave myself last night.

Now I'm back home and wondering whether the truck that's scheduled at Target tonight will actually come in. The streets are passable in some places, but a huge mess in others, and some highways are still closed (in part, due to jackknifed semis). So they might cancel the truck tonight.

But until I hear one way or the other, I need to plan to go in, and all I really want to do is bundle up and settle in for a day or two.

Oh well.

Just to let you see, here are a couple of pics of Action Fraze out in the snow with his new hat, in widescreen! You can't see it in the pic at top, but I'm wearing combat boots with the slacks; dress shoes would never cut it in the snow. The scowl in the pic below is because I was trying to set the self-timer and accidentally clicked the pic. But it's not the worst picture of me I've ever seen (I look terrible in pics when I try to smile), so I kept it.

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