Sunday, December 13, 2009

Vault Extra - Heroes Against Hunger

So while I was reading through my issues of Electric Warrior, noticing the house ads for such books as Watchmen and Matt Wagner's Demon miniseries and Lords of the UltraRealm, I also came across this little gem.

Heroes Against Hunger, DC Comics' attempt to jump on the "Save Ethiopia" bandwagon that had been started by Bob Geldof's Band-Aid. At this resolution, it's hard to read the small print names along the right side of the ad (as with any picture on my blog, you can click it for a larger version, but it's still hard to read), but trust me, it's a Who's Who of comics in the mid-80's. Interestingly enough, the front cover is by Neal Adams and Dick Giordano, and the back cover is by Bill Seinkiewicz, who started out as a hardcore Neal Adams imitator, though by the time this was published, he had broken out to a radically different style.

I never read the book; I'm not one for trendy, preachy tracts like this. But it was a noble cause, right? Why single out the ad for ridicule now?

Because of this:

They misspelled Bob Geldof's name. If you're going to cite the man as inspiration for your good works, at least get his name right.

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