Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another Meeting Finally

Being unemployed sucks, but it does have small compensations. Like finally being able to attend a writers group meeting after six months of not. I actually wrote a story for this one. It wasn't a substantial story, by any means. It was kind of a shaggy dog thing with the heft of a bit of dryer lint. But it was a) a story, which I haven't written one in a year probably, and b) a Digger story, which means once I clean it up, it's one more piece for the proposed anthology.

Also, forgot to mention, but I did get that story up on Thursday. This one was actually a good movie, "Nothing Sacred," starring Carole Lombard (who also starred in one of my favorite screwball comedies of all time, "My Man Godfrey"). Click the link on the right to find it.

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