Friday, July 23, 2010

Progress Report 1 - The New Hero Go Home Site

No concrete progress actually, although as a certain brilliant commentator once said, "We have one of our best men in there right now, stirring the pot!"

Which means that before I could do any actual updating of the site, I had to hunt up the logins and passwords, clean out the backlog of old spam comments that needed moderating, figure out what I want the site to look like, what features I want to implement, what programs I want to use to best implement them. And update the information on my paypal account for the Donation button. Which is what I've been doing. I think I can basically make do with Wordpress for almost everything, but I'll probably also add a forum page with phpbb in the naively optimistic belief that folks might show up to discuss things on it.

Meanwhile, I haven't yet done any writing on the book, but I have done some plotting. I have the first three chapters or so pretty much written already which gives me three weeks of content in the can, so I can conceivably leave any more actual writing on the back burner while I get everything else up and running.

The big stumbling block is graphic design. I like doing it, but there are some pages of additional content that I don't see myself having the time or energy to do myself between now and launch date (which is tentatively in about two weeks). And while I like the logo I've got now, I think for the novel (as opposed to a webcomic) the logo might be too comic-booky.

I know, a superhero novel, and I'm concerned that the logo is too comic-booky.

Oh yeah, and I can't find my camera, which I sort of need for some of the things I want to do.

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