Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What to Expect

(This is cross-posting to both They Stole Frazier's Brain and Hero Go Home):

So just what can you expect now that I'm relaunching Hero Go Home?

Well, as long as I'm unemployed, expect a lot of content. I'm holding back right now, building up a reserve of things (and switching between projects means I've got a bunch of unfinished stuff floating around right now). And depending on what kind of job I get, that flow of content might not be greatly reduced (I applied for something very nice today that involves a lot of web work and a lot of content production, though not much creativity--it remains to be seen whether it will leave me too drained of enthusiasm to keep up with my own work, or leave me raring to go on stuff once I get home...assuming I get the job, of course, which is a long shot, but I really want this one).

So a typical week will look like this:

Tuesday: Classic Movie Review on examiner.com and a Hero Go Home Extra!
Wednesday: Big Game Wednesday on They Stole Frazier's Brain
Thursday: Classic Movie Review on examiner.com
Friday: A new Hero Go Home chapter
Saturday: Out of the Vault on They Stole Frazier's Brain (yes, it's coming back)

plus a trickle of smaller posts and links to stuff I like, which will probably appear on Hero Go Home. I don't do a lot of that here, because I've had this superstition about posting more than once per day, but I want people to visit Hero Go Home early and often, and one way to do that is to give them a steady flow of new stuff to see.

You may notice that Movie Monday is missing from this list. I actually want to start it up again as well, but I put a hell of a lot of time and work into those, and I don't know if this new schedule would allow me to do it justice. If I have the time and start gaining traffic, I may take the plunge. I have all the Superman films gathering dust, just waiting for a mega-series.

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