Monday, July 19, 2010

The New Plan

No calls on any of the jobs I've applied for. Not one.

Not one call. Not one interview.

So I'm thinking it's time to go ahead and throw myself into a Hero Go Home redesign. I've paid for the domain for a few more months at least, so let's put it to work.

I'm looking at making all the published Digger stories so far available for download; don't know whether to try charging for them or go the "free, but please donate" route. Got to freshen up the graphics and page design. It's set up as a ComicPress page right now, but I may dump that for straight WordPress. I've got some other ideas for some entertaining content.

And then there's Hero Go Home, the novel. The first two drafts were good in places, but didn't hold together overall. I've seen other people do the serial novel concept, and I'm thinking I might give that a try. I'm putting all the game stuff on hold while I take one last plunge at plotting it out and seeing if I can make a run at it.

The reason I'm switching to this at such a late date is two-fold. Number one, I own the domain, so I better use it before I lose it. Number two, Digger is still my only real seller. There may be an audience for the Dieselpunk stuff I've been playing with lately, but I don't know that for sure. I know Digger can sell, at least some. And number three, of course, I need cash, at least enough to keep my utilities turned on. Desperation may spur the creative oomph that escaped me on the previous HGH drafts.

I'll still post here. This will never go completely away, I don't think. For instance, tomorrow I'll be posting up another story, and then will come Big Game Wednesday. I'm into the Champions era now, and you may be able to tell that I look back fondly on my Champions days.

And in a couple of weeks, Big Game Wednesday is going to reach the origins of Digger in the game. Assuming I've got some stuff ready to roll out, that may coincide with the Hero Go Home relaunch. We'll see.

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