Thursday, July 29, 2010

Progress Report 4 - The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

So yeah, now I'm pretty much just waiting for August 1 to roll around. It doesn't mean that I'm idle, goodness no.

I've got the first chapter uploaded already and scheduled to drop on Sunday morning. I've completed a couple of Extras, have another one or two in progress (which means I haven't yet decided to post it as one or two pieces). And I'm debating one big step which prudence tells me I should take, but fear tells me I should not.

I've gone through a lot of stress over the past couple of years, hit some real mental low points, and during that time, I put myself into a kind of self-imposed exile from a big part of my community of friends on-line, mainly the folks from hte Codex Writers Group. I've thought several times that I should end it and get back in touch; I miss those folks.

But fear stops me every time. For instance, when I found out that Ted Kosmatka was nominated for a Nebula, I wanted to congratulate him, but I haven't said a word to him in around two years and it just seemed weird. I ended up not saying anything. I did get the nerve up to contact Nancy Fulda and James Maxey (and by contact, I mean leave brief comments on their blogs), but it was hard, and I certainly don't have the balls to ask them to link to my site, especially sight unseen as far as the book goes.

Because let's face it, what I'm doing, it's risky. I've tried to write this book twice before and done a bad job of it. I have no guarantees that this attempt will turn out any better. The difference is, very few people saw how bad those previous attempts were. Now I'm doing it in front of the world, so to speak.

So I'm fearful and yet excited. Because I'm doing something new for me, and the work and creativity is fun. I sincerely hope people like it, and that it turns into more than just another site that's visited by about three friends. I hope I can do a good enough job of it that people will be anxious to visit and see the updates. I hope that it turns out good and stays fun.

Corinne Bohrer can't wait.

I didn't mean like that. No, um, you know what? Carry on, Corinne.

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